Saturday, May 12, 2018

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In addition to the this blog, you can now follow me on Twitter as well. I am now sharing links to new blog post and spotting myself during activations for programs like Parks on the Air using Twitter. I have two more trips planned in the next 10 days as I continue to activate parks across Indiana. Stay tuned for future blog post as I share my adventures with you.

You can find me on Twitter by search for my callsign or by CLICKING HERE.

Last weekend there were at least three QSO parties going on at the same time, including our own Indiana QSO party. Contesting offers a great opportunity to practice your copying skills. Stations are completing short QSOs and sending the same information over and over again. Most of the time it's simply just a callsign, signal report and two letter state identifier (like IN for Indiana). You might have to listen to the station several times before you copy the entire exchange but if you stick with it, you will eventually get the entire exchange needed even if you have to do it one letter at a time. Once you are certain you have the exchange down try answering the station calling CQ and exchange information to complete to quick and easy QSO.

Have fun and enjoy your weekend!

72 de Mike KQ9RP

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